The data that affects the car insurance policy

The car insurance policy is important

The car insurance policy is calculated according to a number of factors relating to the vehicle, the insurance history, and the personal data referred to the owner and the driver of the vehicle, and to the policyholder. As far as vehicle data is concerned, it can be said that a new vehicle is being charged less than an older vehicle, as a new vehicle is safer and more efficient, therefore less prone to risk of a casualty. The values therefore affecting the vehicle are:

The date of registration – Indicates the age of the vehicle. The vehicle’s power supply – gas or methane-powered vehicles are sometimes more costly. The year of purchase – if different from the registration date, indicates that the vehicle has been owned by at least two owners.
Vehicle Model – Identifies the specific vehicle to be insured.  Why it is so important to understand the data that affects the car insurance policy?

Installation of the vehicle-indicates the displacement, the power, the KW/horsepower and the standard options present on the vehicle. Type of use of the vehicle and km routes-a vehicle used often or for work, is charged more than a vehicle used only for leisure.

Anti-theft and night-time shelter – the type of burglar alarm installed will affect the possible fire and theft policy, as well as the overnight shelter in a private area, box or on the street. With regard to the owner and driver of the vehicle and the policy contractor, the data affecting the premium are:

Natural or legal person or company – the pricing may be different depending on the type of owner indicated. Residence – Province, municipality and postcode of residence affect the policy premium.

Date of birth and year of driving licence – seniority and seniority of their licences affect the rate, especially in the case of young drivers not considered as experienced or drivers driver. With regard to the insurance situation, data sensitive to the pricing are:

The date of the time of the policy-sometimes you may have discounts by purchasing the policy well in advance. Cu class – The CU classes of provenance and assignment are the determining factors par excellence for the application of the fare according to the bonus/Malus mechanism. The car insurance policy is very important! Don’t pay too much for your car insurance!

First year on the risk certificate-serves to indicate the history of insurance in the last five years. Clearly being insured for 5 years is an advantage. Number of claims and typology – the number of claims related to each year and their typology (e.g. with guilt, without fault, with equal guilt) affects the final price of the policy. Number of cars owned by the household – the presence of more than one car is a positive factor for determining the rate. When you have to secure your car, try to understand the data that affects your car insurance policy

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